South Field Energy Donates to Camp Fitch

Camp Fitch was founded in 1914 on the Beaver river in Ohio. Since its founding, it has grown to a 425 acre operation in North Springfield right on Lake Erie.

This camp offers a vast array of activities and learning opportunities for children ages 6-17 and operates year-round. This camp also allows parents and teachers to be a part of that experience.

Another part of that experience is every year the staff at Beaver Local School alongside the parents and children fundraise to provide the entire fourth grade the opportunity to go to camp. As we all know fundraising is not easy and takes the whole village. South Field just happens to be part of that village. After all the events and fundraiser sales are over, Beaver Local coordinates with South Field to make sure all children can attend. Today we donated what was needed to ensure fun for all!

We got to interact with the children and ask what they were looking forward to and what their favorite parts of camp are, and WOW did they deliver.

One little boy loves archery and is looking forward to perfecting his skill, we met a girl who rides horse there and other children said they enjoy being with there friends and everything they get to do there.

This was wonderful for everyone involved and the teachers as well as the students are so appreciative of the help South Field can provide.

For more information about Camp Fitch, check out their website at: