Facts About South Field Energy

Following are vital Energy, Environment, Employment and Economic facts and figures about South Field Energy:


  • Project is a low-carbon combined-cycle natural gas electric generating facility.
  • The facility will produce 1,182 megawatts, enough to power more than 1,000,000 homes.
  • State-of-the-art General Electric turbine technology will be utilized.
  • Combined-cycle design produces electricity efficiently – capturing waste heat to create additional electricity in the steam turbine.


  • “Efficient generation from a small footprint.”  Facility is located on less than 20 acres, set back 3,500 feet from Route 45 on a 150-acre parcel with nearby electrical and gas interconnections.
  • The facility meets National Ambient Air Quality Standards that protect public health and the environment.
  • Efficient cooling to minimize water consumption and wastewater discharge.


  • Up to 1,000 construction jobs over the construction period.
  • When in operation, creates 25-30 full-time jobs.
  • The facility employs engineering, management, and operations personnel
  • Routine services are provided by local engineering and maintenance companies.


  • South Field Energy is a $1.1 billion capital investment in Columbiana County.
  • An Enterprise Zone Agreement provides long-term, stable local tax revenue.
  • Strengthens local infrastructure by the purchase of water and sewer services.
  • Benefits Columbiana County economy from direct purchase of goods and services.
  • Positive impact from direct, indirect and induced economic stimuli.